Odyssey Consortium is a consulting firm that is focused on the two main issues of problem solving. These are:

  1. making clear what the problem is and
  2. developing solutions that solve these problems.

Optical systems are our primary expertise but the general systems approach we use is applicable to any complex system. We provide broad experience in optical design, optical modeling including scatter analysis and performance analysis, interferometry, opto-mechanical design and the creation of general specification documents.

We have consulted on systems such as state of the art lithography, spectroscopy, UV detectors for lasers, TV projection systems, development and testing of codes for diffraction analysis and lithographic modeling, DNA optical systems and displays for retail sales. We’ve also done development on space software systems for saving of data under catastrophic failure, development of new stages for sub 1 nanometer tables, routing analysis for ships and barges and developed programs for delivery of oil and propane. We’ve also done a systems analysis for a new credit card system that makes current systems obsolete.

Our experience and background lets us bring a unique viewpoint to your problems. Our knowledge within the industry lets us partner with other experts to solve your problem in an optimal fashion. Because of this we are uniquely positioned to create hardware and analysis that will solve your problems.

To get started with our help or for more information contact our president Dr. Cliff Martin by phone or email.

Phone: (203) 750-0731

Email: calanmartin (at) gmail (dot) com